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Control Panel software resides on the server and is a graphic, user-friendly interface between the server and our customer. Control Panel is operated entirely through the user's Web browser. There are several different Control Panel visual "themes" available depending on which one is best suited for the user as far as preference, ease of operation and features available to each customer's account.
Control Panel has a seemingly endless variety of features and functions, but for this representation we will only expand on a few. Most Control Panel themes appear and function in the same way as many popular Web browsers or "Windows" operating systems programs. There is usually a main menu (or toolbar) which activates the applicable features in a neighboring, attached frame.


The "File Manager"  feature of Control Panel.
You will see that the main menu on the left is expanded and the "File Manager" section is highlighted. Then the "File Manager" section has additional frames that open up and allow for additional operations to be performed. File Manager gives the customer complete control over all files residing in their account. Access to all files in their "public" (Web) directory are available, as are their FTP, Private, CGI, Web Mail, and all other files and sub-directories within the architecture of their disk space. Navigation throughout the account is easily done by "point-and-click" and various folder utilities are available too.



The "E-Mail" section of Control Panel. Notice that the E-Mail features are highlighted for the purposes of this representation. As the E-Mail section is selected on the toolbar, a corresponding frame opens up and makes the various E-Mail related features available for use. Depending on what functions are available to any particular account, those functions can then be easily set up, modified, or maintained by the person using the Control Panel.



The  "Statistics" section.  Notice that the "Statistics" section of the toolbar is highlighted.  This section is a very useful set of tools for analyzing your Web Site's performance and traffic flow patterns. With these highly visual graphic displays it is easy to collect a wide variety of information about the visitors to your Web Site, the traffic patterns to your Site, where they were referred from, the pages they viewed, times of day, and other developing trends.  


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