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Web Host Manager software resides on the server and is a graphic, user-friendly interface between the server and the Reseller or Web Developer. Operated via Web browser, Web Host Manager is Control Panel's administrative counterpart. True to it's name, Web Host Manager provides the Web Developer or Reseller with everything needed to create and manage their own customers' accounts. 
Web Host Manager provides so many features that we can only show a few here.  Web Host Manager provides all of the necessary higher level tools for the administrative control and management of the end-user accounts belonging to the Reseller or Web Developer. There is a main menu (or toolbar) which activates the applicable features in a neighboring, attached frame.  The main menu functions are grouped in categories by their similarity. Although Web Host Manager is so user-friendly, it is a powerful monster that works for you behind the scene!


Create New Account

The "Create New Account" feature.
You will see that the main menu on the left is expanded and the "Create New Account" section is highlighted. All of the account information is entered here, initial limits are set up, and the various options are granted or restricted in this section. This is also where the Web Developer or Reseller designates the theme that the customer's "Control Panel" will utilize.


Front Page Extensions Manager

This grants or restricts other options such as Microsoft Front Page Server Extensions. Notice that the "Install Front Page Web Extensions" feature is highlighted for the purposes of this representation. As the section is selected on the toolbar, a corresponding frame opens up and displays your "owned" accounts, then you select which account the function will be applied to. This method of operation is consistent with nearly all functions throughout Web Host Manager.


Password & Sub-domain Management

Numerous "Account Functions" are found in this section. Notice that we even cut away a sections of the menu to allow it to fit on this page! Of the functions being shown, the toolbar is highlighted on the "sub-domains" function.  Privileges for creating of sub-domains are granted or restricted here. This is done on an account-by-account basis by the pull down menu that appears in the right hand frame. All other functions in this category work in the same manner. Also shown is the menu for installing a new password for any selected account. An account is selected, then the new password is entered for that account. An existing password is never revealed.


D N S  Functions

Example of DNS Functions. The "Edit a DNS Zone" function is highlighted on the toolbar, then a pull-down menu had appeared in the right column showing all accounts. From that pull we have selected one example to display here. The DNS Zone File for one account is now being displayed and ready for editing. This is where the domain name, it's WWW alias, or other aliases (or sub-domains) are pointed at an IP number or at another domain. CNAME, A-RECORD, NS- and MX- Records can be edited or added.


Server & Service Status

The "Server Status" category.  These features prove useful when you need to do some troubleshooting in response to one of your customers reporting to you that they are having a problem and swear that they have not uploaded a defective Java Script to their site, or edited (and damaged) source code in any of their pages. You can check here first, so you can be rest assured the server is functioning just fine. Then punch your time ticket for assisting your customer in repairing the problem their employee caused when trying that new script they heard about.

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